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Increase height after puberty

Increase height after puberty

Being tall and looking smart are the two common wishes of every men and women. To look smart and fit one can go to fitness center; can buy good clothes and make-up accessories also. But, being tall is not a cup of tea for all. It is sometimes depends upon the hereditary element which you get through the transferred blood of your parents and sometimes it relies upon what treatments are you providing to your body, such as: your food habits, physical activity and mental condition also.

Increase height after puberty

Human brains are the main controller of all the activities done by the body. HGH (Height Growth Hormone) is produced by the pituitary gland situated in the brain. It is often said that a human body can increase height till 18 years. But, there are some remedies through which one can increase his/her height after 18 also. Such as:

Increase height surgery

You can take HGH injections and supplement in order to increase your height. The secretion of HGH in the body becomes low. So post puberty a hormonal imbalance can be noticed in the body. By injecting it artificially you can solve the problem.

Stretching exercise is often turned into a very useful way. By concentrating on brains through yoga one can increase its activity power.
Having plenty of water and rest (6-8 hrs of sleep) can be fruitful in this case also.

Rich Food containing zinc, manganese, phosphorous can help you a lot. Have dairy products.

Weight maintenance is must.

In schools or colleges you may have often heard: “all right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height”, and you are standing in front of the queue and feeling ashamed of that.

Don’t worry. Eat well, think well, look well.


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