Wednesday, 22 January 2020

How to look taller than you are?

Tall individuals by their overall physical appearance can attract curious eye balls interested in learning more about them. No single outfit will physically increase your height. However, choosing the right attire by using your wisdom can create an illusion of height that can go a long way to make you appear taller because the visual aspect of actually looking taller than you are is very important. As your dressing sense can not only project your creative personality, but your distinguished mind, choose your outfits strategically based on their fit, innovative prints and pattern. While it comes to keep up with the style quotient one might need some helpful tips on how to find ones personal style in terms of dressing sense, accessories, hairstyling etc and what one should avoid to stop from appearing shorter. Here we offer some rules of thumb that will make you look taller and more approachable. 

Dressing Tips for Appearing Taller

Tip 1
Vertical Stripe shirts and pin stripe shirts are your best bet since they will make you appear slightly taller. On no occasion should you wear band patterned light colored shirts because this gives visual width and can even make an averaged height person seem short.

Tip 2
A three buttoned suit or a two buttoned suit with long lapel gives the illusion of longer body for those who desire to achieve this upshot. Jackets colors would compliment your look if they are in similar shades of your pants.

Tip 3
Keep away from cuffed pants and long jackets as these both can cause you to appear shorter rather than taller. As a thumb rule, avoid clothes and accessories that don’t fit you, which you think you can be altered later. Pick up stuffs in sizes that are just right for you.

Tip 4
For females a thigh length skirt will do wonders for your overall look by tending to accentuate your height.

Tip 5
Wear pants with flat fronts and tapered legs instead of the loose ones else they might make you appear wider and heavier than you are.

Tip 6
On no account wear a broad tie. Always wear slim ties over the wide ones. While prints, keep it similar to the shirt or jacket you wear with it.

Height Increasing Shoes

Height Increasing ShoesYou can invest in a height increase shoe or a specially constructed elevator inserts which slide into the base of your shoe to give a considerable visual height increase. These shoes or elevator inserts make you taller straight away by 2-4 inches than the height of an average person without anybody being aware of it. By using height increase shoes you will not only add those impressive inches to your stature but also will look smart and feel confident about yourself.

Hair Styling

Hair StylingYou will be stunned by experiencing what changes in hairstyle can do for you. You can create the illusion of added height by crafting a hairstyle which must be thin at both the sides and styled higher on the top. Alternatively, you can have a hairstyle called backcombing which can straightaway add another inch to make you look taller. To support the backcombed sections of hair to stay in that position use styling hair spray. 


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