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Eleven Effectual Exercises

Eleven Effectual Exercises 

The most important part of any height increase program is your exercise regimen. Perform the following exercises at least six times a week. At any rate it is far better to perform these height movements virtually every day than to take two or three separate workouts in a single day. Above all BE REGULAR. Set aside a specific time each day to do your workout. All the eleven exercises explained here are effectual, lucid and take around 15-20 minutes to execute. Train yourself hard and diligently. We advise that you obtain a 'Go Ahead' from your doctor certifying that you are in normal health and physical conditions before you begin the exercises. 
Now take a look at your spine for a moment in the illustration. As you look (from the side) you will notice that it has three curves: a forward bend at the neck, a backward bend in the middle, and another forward curve in the lower back. These spinal curves developed millions of years ago when man first stood upright during the evolutionary process. Now as we grow old the weight of our head (about 1/8 of your total body weight) and upper torso tend to increase the degree of each curve, making them deeper than they were originally and deeper than necessary. The deepening of the spinal curves causes one to be shorter than one need be. Never forget: There is a great flexibility to the human body. 
Perform the exercises as explained. They are exclusively designed to pin point and attack the areas of the body where cartilage can expand between the vertebrae of the back and neck to benefit the elongation of the bony areas of the legs and the hip region and to straighten your spine for adding the extra inches and gain overall height. Do not overstrain your body to reach the number of repetitions indicated. If you feel overtired, then just be content to take it easy. In time you will be able to perform all the exercises with ridiculous ease. But never overdo your effort during the break-in period.

1. Jogging in place
JoggingJogging in place is a good warm up, cardiovascular exercise. Perform for 5 minutes at the beginning of the exercise program. This stimulates the body metabolism and the growing process of the physique. It also increases the cardiovascular efficiency. Above all it speeds up the rate at which your body burns up fuel when resting. This warm up will also prepare you for the other stretching exercises.

2. Lumbar Exercise
Lie flat on your back. Clasp your hands firmly below your right knee; pull toward your chest. Hold for slow count of 3. Repeat the same with your left leg and then with both the legs at once. Concentrate on keeping your lower back flat on the floor while performing this movement. Do not point your toes during this exercise. Continue this exercise until comfortably tired. About a minute should be adequate. This exercise mobilizes the entire spine. It also mobilizes the abdominal muscles slightly.

3. A Simple Stretching Movement

Acquire a pile of newspapers which allow you when standing on them with your heels flat on the ground to barely touch the ceiling when your body is fully stretched with arms above head reaching up. Perform this daily stretching upwards touching the ceiling with your finger tips and each day remove one newspaper. The principle is that one is forced on a progressive basis to stretch for that added height. This one simple exercise has been responsible for increasing the height of many individuals. This exercise stretches the entire spine and the shoulders.

4. Toe-Touching
By bending forward touch your toe with both hands for 10-15 seconds. Return back to standing position and repeat the same movement. Do 20-30 repetitions. This exercise helps stretch the muscles of the back and of the spine. It is a great contributor to height increase. As you loosen up really stretch out with this exercise. You will find that the ham strings at the back of your thighs will be tight at first. In time these will lengthen to allow greater stretch. This exercise mobilizes the spine, the abdominal muscles to some extent. It also stretches the shoulders and the ankles.

5. Cervical Exercise 

Clasp your hands behind head and your elbows perpendicular to nose. Lower your chin and slowly, gradually push head against resisting hands; hold; release gradually; relax; repeat 10 times or until comfortably tired. This movement mobilizes the upper spinal area in the upper back and the neck regions.

6. Alternate toe-touching
Bend smartly forward and touch your left toe with your right hand. Return to upright position and now touch your right toe with your left hand. Repeat 20-30 times depending on condition. This movement mobilizes the spine, the external oblique abdominal muscles slightly, ham string tendons and shoulder girdle region.

7. The Pelvic-Tilt
The Pelvic TiltLie on the floor flat on your back; bring your feet back close to your buttocks. Press your lower back flat on the floor and tighten your tummy muscles at the same time. Hold for a slow count of 3. Repeat up to 10 times. This exercise helps you to rectify the excessive spinal curvature. It also straightens the lumbar regions.

8. Bar Hanging 
Bar HangingAn exercise that one should follow daily is hanging from a horizontal bar. Perform this until you feel a significant stretching throughout the body or until the grip tires. After a few weeks you may do this exercise twice with each workout hanging for, up to half a minute at a time. This exercise stretches the entire upper body and strengthens the shoulders.

9. Dorsal Raise
Lie on your abdomen with your forehead touching the floor. Clasp your hand behind your back. Raise your head, legs and chest all together as high as possible. Lower gradually, relax and repeat up to 10 times. This exercise strengthens the lumbar regions and acts towards rectifying spinal malfunctions caused by lazy posture.

10. Head Rolling 
Stand erect and let your left head fall forward as far as possible. Roll it to your right shoulder. Continue to the back until the chin points upwards. Then repeat the same to your left shoulder. Repeat 6 times in succession. Alternate the directions. Full range of movements must be made giving the head its fullest possible range. Increase to 10 each way. While performing this exercise always roll your head, do not turn it. This movement mobilizes the cervical vertebrae. 

11. Lying Foot & Head Raise

Cover the floor with a blanket or cloth to prevent you getting chilled. Lie down full length on the floor, legs straight, toes pointed, arms above the head on the floor and fingers straight palms facing each other. Raise your toes to the ceiling and keep your heels on the floor; at the same time raise your head to look the toes keeping your arms as near to the floor as possible. Return to the first position that is head on the floor and toes stretched. Push your finger tips as far from the toes as possible. Do this slowly and deliberately with maximum effort. Repeat 8 times increasing to 12. This exercise mobilizes and stretches the cervical vertebrae and gives action to the legs. 


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