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Height: Psychological Factor

Height: Psychological Factor

A person with poor height is prone to have the inferior complex and underestimate himself as compared to other people with good height. Hence, proper height is not only the matter of physical health rather can be the cause for mental problem like depression. There are people who have to sacrifice their desire for fitting clothes and to walk with current fashion due to lack of proper height.
To fulfill their desire to become taller, people are attracted to various chemical medicines promising to increase height. Most of people are following this way to increase height due to lack of knowledge of alternative way to increase their height. Besides, not knowing the alternative techniques to increase their height they also don't know about the adverse effect following some unnatural process to increase height. Many of the medicines available in the market use growth stimulants which is very harmful to human health in long term.
Thus, it is highly recommended to use natural ways to increase height which stimulates growth hormones naturally in human body. Studies have shown Genetic factor, Hormones and nutrition play vital role in determining human height. The balance in all of above mention factor has a positive impact on human growth.
Tips to increase height

Proper Diet

People who have protein rich food in their diet are more likely to have good height along with healthy body. Besides, eating protein rich food your diet should include dairy products, fruits, vegetables, and adequate amount of water with proper amount of minerals like calcium.

Regular Exercise

Only the proper diet is not sufficient to increase your height; it is the practice of regular exercise which makes an individual taller along with balanced diet. To increase height there are various exercise techniques that an individual can follow. One of the best is hanging which can effectively increase your height by 2- 3 inches. Stretching can be another option which can increase an individual height. Other anaerobic exercises like cycling, swimming are also very much effective in increasing height.

Proper rest and sound sleep

There are hormones which are produced when the body is in rest or in deep sleep which determine human height. Besides, this to make maximum use of exercise and balanced diet body must get proper rest which ultimately helps to increase individual's height.


At 30 December 2017 at 00:43 , Blogger Lisa Jones said...

The body is best able to absorb the nutrient before the age of twenty-four. During this time, calcium is absorbed and used to fortify bone mass. Puberty is a time of rapid height growth facilitated by exercise, rest and a healthy diet. Studies have shown that calcium is essential for health and one of the factors for healthy height growth. More significantly, without calcium, the bones get brittle and are vulnerable to osteoporosis later in life. This disease is a silent threat, as from the outside there are no visible symptoms. As the bones become more fragile, fractures can develop in key areas around the hips, spine and shoulder. The breaks can be debilitating and lead to a great loss in movement as you age. For more details visit


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